The current state of the Lakers

@ the begining of the seson everyone was wondering if the Lakers could match up against a dominant Heat or OKC teamin a chapionship game. Now Lakers fans are licking their wounds after a 108-103 defeat to the Raptors. Lets be honest even if the Lakers make it to the finals this year they are going to be a 6th,7th,or 8th seed this means there going to have to play away games @ Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, and more. Yes the Lakers are built to win a chapionship game, can they make it that far……… you would be foolish to make any bets on the Lakers for the rest of this year 


Sorry for my tumblr silence but im back now and speeking of returns theres no doubt in my mind that my clippers will be returning to the final’s with revenge on there mind

What if?

Raptors and Bobcats go all the way this year

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Does anybody like Portland anymore?

J. Lin @ rockets???

Idc what anybody says lin in a rockets uniform thats like Sarah Palin drinking koolaid

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